Peak Industries Limited is a pioneer in manufacturing new generation WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) doors with the brand name PEAK DOORS.

The Company introduces to the building industry in Kenya a new advanced technology of designing customized doors with a combination of strength, beauty and variety. PEAK DOORS have numerous advantages over the traditional flush and solid wood doors.

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  • 1. Water resistant.

  • 2. Glossy/elegant finish.

  • 3. Choice of attractive designs.

  • 4. Choice of shades/colours with matching frames.

  • 5. Engraved writing (e.g. company name or message of choice).

  • 6. Mould/mildew free.

  • 7. Fire retardant.

  • 8. Choice of pre-fixed or own locks.

  • 9. High quality at affordable price.

  • 10. Pest resistant.

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Waterproof Doors

Looking for a door that can withstand the toughest climates? Peak doors provide high quality water resistant doors.

Variety of Designs & Colours

Maybe you have a specific design style in mind and want your door to match your home. We provide doors with an elegant finish , attractive colours with matching frames.

Quality Guarantee

High quality mould free pest resistant doors at affordable prices.